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In this section we offer an in depth look at some of David Tennant's most popular TV work, from love lorn detective in Blackpool to geeky driving school instructor in Learners via a legendary lover in Casanova and a time travelling alien in Doctor Who all the info is here...
2013 was a big year for TV dramas with David Tennant starring in Spies Of Warsaw for BBC Four and BBC Amercia, The Politician's Husband for BBC Two and The Escape Artist for BBC One.
Broadchurch for ITV and BBC America was a run away success and became the TV event of the year.
In 2014 David Tennant will travel to Canada to film the FOX remake of Broadchurch, Gracepoint. He will take on the lead role of Emmett Carver, which is based loosely on his original Broadchurch character Alec Hardy.
Although it has not yet been announced if David will be involved in the second series of Broadchurch, filming will begin in late May 2014, around the time that filming on Gracepoint wraps.

In this section we offer an in depth look at  some of David's most popular televison work.
Airdate: TBC | Character: Emmett Carver
A US remake of the ITV drama Broadchurch...
Air Date: 2013 | Character: Will Burton
A three part suspense thriller set in the world of criminal law...
Air Date: 2013 | Character: Aiden Hoynes
A three part political drama for BBC Two...
Air Date: 2013 | Character: DI Alec Hardy
A thriller based on a small community and how it copes in the aftermath of a child's murder...
Air Date: 2013 | Character: Colonel Jean-Francois Mercier
A thrilling spy story set in Poland, Paris, London & Berlin in the years leading up to the Second World War. French and German intelligence operatives are locked in a life-and-death struggle on the espionage battlefield.
Air Date: 2012 | Charcter: Will
David Tennant plays a witty and acerbic artist called Will in this new Sky Arts drama.
Air Date: 2012 | Character: Nick
Award-winning writer and director Dominic Savage will return to BBC One with Love Life, a serial made through improvisation.
Air Date: 2011 | Character: Jimmy Murphy
Drama based on the true story of Manchester United's legendary Busby Babes.
Air Date: 2010 | Character: Dave
An emotionally powerful yet funny four-part drama about a man struggling to raise his four children after the death of his wife.
Air Date: N/A Pilot | Character: Rex Alexander
Rex is a top Chicago lawyer who becomes so crippled by anxiety that he takes to coaching his clients into representing themselves.
Air Date: 2008 | Character: Sir Arthur Eddington
A one off drama about the relationship between Albert Einstein and the British Physicist Sir Arthur Eddington.
Air Date: 2007 | Character: Chris
A one off comedy drama about learner drivers.
Air Date: 2006 | Character: Alan Hamilton
A one off drama about a man coping with a brain injury.
Air Date: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 | Character: The Doctor
Sci Fi series about a mysterious Time Traveller and his amazing adventures.
Air Date: 2005 | Character: Brendan Block
Two part dramatisation of the Nicci French novel by the same name.
Air Date: 2005 | Character: Dr Gordon Briscoe
One off live performance of the classic Sci Fi show.
Air Date: 2005 | Character: Giacomo Casanova
Three part series about the life and loves of Casanova.
Air Date: 2004 | Character: DI Peter Carlisle
Six part musical murder mystery.
Air Date: 2004 | Character: Rev Gibson
Three part adaptation of the Anthony Trollope classic.
Air Date: 1998 | Character: PC Simon 'Darwin' Brown
A comedy drama about the activities of the officers of the Ravensbeck River Police Station.
Air Date: 1994 | Character: Campbell McBain
Series about a group of patients at a Scottish mental hospital.


David Tennant in The Escape Artist
The Escape Artist is an original three-part suspense thriller set in the world of criminal law. David Tennant plays Will Burton, a talented junior barrister who specialises in spiriting people out of tight legal corners, hence his nickname of “The Escape Artist”. Will is in high demand as he has never lost a case. But when his talents acquit the prime suspect in a horrific murder trial, that brilliance comes back to bite him with unexpected and chilling results.


David Tennant in The Politician's Husband
The Politician's Husband is a drama exploring what happens in a political marriage when the wife becomes more successful than her husband.
David Tennant stars as Aiden Hoynes, a senior Cabinet Minister, who is happily married to Freya, a junior Minister who has consistently put her own career ambitions on hold for the sake of Aiden's career and their family.
When Aiden's career path to the top echelons comes to an abrupt halt, the power balance within his marriage is irrevocably shifted as he witnesses his wife's political career soar.
In his desperation to cling to power, Aidenrisks destroying everything he holds most dear.


David Tennant in Broadchurch
A new eight part ITV ensemble drama series, Broadchurch, led by David Tennant, Olivia Colman and Vicky McClure will explore what happens to a small community when it suddenly becomes the focus of a major event and is subjected to the full glare of the media spotlight. Produced by Kudos Film and Television, Broadchurch features an amazing array of British acting talent including Jodie Whittaker as Beth, Andrew Buchan as Mark, Will Mellor playing Stephen Turner and Arthur Darvill as the town priest Paul Coates.      Find out more here...


Details of all of David's TV work, including guest starring roles can also be found in this section.
Details of David's cameo appearances in comedy shows.
All the latest news updates on David's TV drama work.


In this section we offer an in depth look at some of David's most popular children's televison work.
Air Date: 2012 | Character: Twigs
Aimed at four to six year olds, Tree Fu Tom is set in an enchanted world where movement creates magic. Tom appears to be a normal eight-year-old boy but putting on his magic belt and performing a special sequence of magic action-movements (known as Tree Fu) transforms him into a tiny but mighty magical super-hero.


David Tennant (Fright Night, Doctor Who, Hamlet, Casanova) and Janet Montgomery (Black Swan, Merlin) star in Alan Furst’s celebrated novel, The Spies Of Warsaw, adapted by Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais.
A thrilling spy story set in Poland, Paris, London & Berlin in the years leading up to the Second World War. French and German intelligence operatives are locked in a life-and-death struggle on the espionage battlefield...


Award-winning writer and director Dominic Savage will return to BBC One with Love Life, a serial made through improvisation. Five universal stories explore love in the modern day and each is led by one of the following big names: David Tennant, Billie Piper, Jane Horrocks, Ashley Walters and David Morrissey.
Dominic Savage says: "I am looking to create something special that has a modern view on the age old mystery of love; something that expresses the reality of love and puts it on the screen. I am looking to explore these themes in the seaside town of Margate, with a group of incredibly talented actors who are ready to journey with me on this."

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